"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.

butterfly thoughts…


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Everyone loves butterflies.  We caterpillars longingly watch them soar to the heavens and flit about from flower to flower. Oh we so much wish we could be one. But we know we’re just a caterpillar.  That is simply our lot in life: we have no say in the matter.  Sometimes we hear about or even meet other caterpillars who have become butterflies and we wonder by what miracle they were able to do it.  Change your thinking the grapevine tells us.  We do…but it seems to make no difference.  We’re happier for a while just at the thought of becoming something so beautiful and loved and free.  But then after a while we give up…we realize this was not meant for us.  We are obviously just not good enough. Our parents, well we didn’t even know them so they must not have been anyone special; our childhood, well it was kinda low and wormy down on the earth. Why would we ever think we could be anything but a lowly worm? So we keep on thinking down to earth caterpillar thoughts.  And we keep on wishing.

Till one day we realize that even thinking butterfly thoughts makes us happier.  Even without any need to ever change, just those thoughts of beauty and love and freedom make us happy. And then we see that the more we think those thoughts the happier we become. Our focus is changing from a life in the dirt to flying, till we even begin to feel like we are flying.

We become so filled with these butterfly thoughts that we could live forever in the dirtiest mud and our hearts would still be soaring into the heavens.

We are so overflowing with love and joy that nothing else matters but to live in this deepest gratitude and surrender to the life that is being given.

We surrender.

We let these higher thoughts change our mind and change who we are. We feel ourselves becoming new, being newly created in a new image.

We realize we are not our body, this caterpillar body that crawls in the mud.

We feel our cells changing to reflect our newly realized being.

Imaginal cells, changing caterpillars into butterflies.

Our destiny is to fly free, to live in deepest joy.

Finally we become who we were destined to be.


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60-70,000 thoughts in one day. That’s what they say we have. Not quite sure how they calculated that.  Did they have someone conscious enough that they were aware of and counting every thought coming in? And what exactly is the determining factor to tell us that one thought has stopped and another thought started?  Anyway, that number equates to about one thought every second, or actually a little more than a second.  I guess the point is that we do a lot of thinking.

And then they go on to tell us that 90 some percent of thoughts thought are waste thoughts AND unconscious AND are repetitions of previous thoughts.  Again it would be interesting to see how they came up with these figures. But again we clearly get the point!  Painfully clearly!!

  1. If our thoughts create our circumstances and if we are not conscious of most of our thoughts then we are just robots!!
  2. If our thoughts are over 90% repetitions of previous thoughts then we have no hope. We can clearly predict tomorrow and any future because with a few variations it will all be the same as yesterday and today and the last 40 years…so then why even bother living tomorrow because it’s really already done…it’s already lived isn’t it?
  3. To change our future and create the future we really want we need to change our thoughts. To change our thoughts we need to become conscious of them.

In other words…. stop thinking caterpillar thoughts!!

…unless you wanna be a caterpillar…. forever.

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let’s tango

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Slow, quick quick, one, two three, one and a two three, spin and turn and float along.  Oh sooo lovely, life is sooo beautiful when you just follow its lead.

But it’s not always like that.  Sometimes mind just gets in the way with its persistent nagging, “Who is this I’m dancing with?  and Why?  I don’t want to be here.  He keeps trying to push me around.  He doesn’t know what he’s doing. ..etc, etc, blah, blah-blah blah blah blah.”

A few years ago I once went to a Tango class.  I love the Tango, mostly watching it because it’s a little complicated to learn in just one or two lessons.  Each step is so expressive, so much an act of creation, a spontaneous yet deliberate moving into new territory, just following where the music leads.   The instructor said that in Brazil it’s the men who take dance lessons.  Women don’t need to because their only job is to follow.  Wow!!  What a concept!!  It kinda gives me goose bumps just to think about it.  What if I could live my life like that?  Just living in not knowing.  Just moving one step at a time with no need to know the end result…with no need to even know where each foot will land…moving with pure abandon, total surrender to the dance,  yet placing each foot deliberately in tune with the music and with your dance partner…living life in the moment.   One great big glorious dance!  How could anything be so beautiful?!!

Pinch of Spice:  Find a tango class and take a lesson.  Notice how alive you feel as you move with your partner.  Whether you are leading or following, together you are in the act of creation.

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…in a sea of staring herrings…

We live in a sea of staring herrings!!  
and worst of all we are one!!  
All just staring out into space, with empty, vacant looks…
vacant because there is no-one home.  

This week let’s make it our spiritual project to notice how often we have become a staring herring.  
And then let’s invite our being back home, into our body, noticing our thoughts, hearing sounds, seeing what is around us, and eventually seeing how a whole new way of seeing becomes available to us.  
Then we leave the sea of staring herrings and enter the sea of the seer.


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2014: Burn the Old, Invent the New

sacred fire

sacred fire


Sunday I led a New Year’s Mini-Retreat at my house. We re-viewed our past year, miracles, accomplishments, our failures and disappointments. We listed all our limiting ideas, thoughts and beliefs that were holding us back from greatness. We built a beautiful blazing fire and one by one we offered all things from the past to be purified in the sacred flames. We watched as our past burned on bits of paper turning to ash before our eyes.


Our souls felt purified. And with a clean slate we visioned our New Year. In silence of meditation we opened ourselves to a whole new being… to a whole new, previously unimagined possibility for our lives. Feeling the infinite nature of who we really are we began to write new messages upon the slate of 2014.

Faith, Love, Joy, Life, Harmony, Peace, Light, Greatness, Gratitude, Truth, Giving,  were the seeds of the writing on the slate.


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A New Year’s resolution to end all resolutions…

grow miracles

grow miracles

Every year promises, resolutions, hopes for a new life and a new way of being.  Gradually over the years we realize that resolutions and promises don’t work.  We resign ourselves to the status quo….next year will turn out however it does no matter what we do.  So why even make an effort?

Throw away all your resolutions!!  Today let us make a new kind of resolution…a resolution to end all resolutions… and that is to live now, to be happy now, to have all we want now, because now is the seed for tomorrow.  So whatever you want in the new year feel how it would feel to have it and stay with that new energy of having.

Today let us plant a new seed.  A seed that will grow miracles in our life.  Each day cultivate miracles, nurture miracles, feed them, watch for them.  When you get up in the morning let your first thought be, “What miracles can I create today?”  and then watch and wait for miracles to appear.  Grow a lovely garden of miracles.

Find or make a beautiful miracles box.   Cut up little bits of paper and as you notice miracles in your life write them down.  Write the big ones on colored paper.  As your miracle consciousness grows you will begin to notice more and more miracles in your life.  Whenever you have a down day get out your miracles box and remember all your many blessings.  Happy New Year!!

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We love you Nelson Mandela!

Nelson Mandela’s life story.

Thank God for great men like this to show us what we could be, to give us something to live towards. 

Nelson Mandela we love you.

 We salute you!!

    Rest in Peace.

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sun dog… miracles…lessons of nature

sun dog

miracle of nature

Miracles abound!!  Let nature remind us of the miracles that are all around and part of our life every day.

All of nature is an amazing miracle.  And within every part of nature is revealed a wonderful life lesson.  Changing seasons, the gifts of food, stillness of trees, plants and animals preparing for the seasons, etc, etc.  Watching nature we can learn all we need to know about life.  Even a close look at one leaf of your house plant can change your life as you allow its wisdom to move into your soul.

Today, I had the amazing fortune to see a most amazing sun dog. What a miraculous event!!  I had to stop the car to run and find a good photo spot. Is it an omen of good luck or just a sign of a change in the weather?  Whatever it is it will be good.  After minus 30 temperatures in November a change in the weather can only be lucky.  And to witness such beauty can only be called a miracle!!

Your Pinch Of Spice today is to get out there into nature, find miracles there, allow their beauty to change you inside, and then watch as miracles begin to pour into your life.

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What does fun have to do with spirituality?

sailing into adventure

sailing into adventure

Life is meant to be fun and adventure…

Fifteen years ago or thereabouts, in my book-devouring days in which I consumed a book a day almost (bleep bleep! exaggeration!!) I read a book called Celestine Prophecy.  I’ve found that most books I read have one main idea or theme that is worth taking, and it usually takes the author several hundred pages to explain this one idea and get us to believe it.  So the one thing I got from this book was that life is meant to be fun and adventure.

Or is it?……  

Even though I didn’t understand totally at the time how fun and adventure could fit in with a spiritual life (I always thought being spiritual meant being calm and peaceful and holy and that having fun was the opposite of that) I still knew at some level that it was true and that life was meant to be fun.  It was kind of a radical way of thinking for me at the time.  My parents were very religious and we were taught that God was serious and that dancing and having fun were devil’s play.  Even laughing too much was frowned upon.  But with so many kids to try to keep in line I suppose our parents needed to use whatever tricks they had available.

Choose God or Fun……

For many years I was torn and tortured.  I began studying other religions and read about how monks practiced renunciation, giving up all worldly pleasures, and how this was the only way to really find God.  And I knew that they were right.  And this just seemed to prove that my parents were right.  If I wanted God I had to give up fun and enjoyment.  So I spent many tortured years grappling with demons of… doesn’t God want me to be happy?, and does He really want me to be poor?, and if God’s going to send me to hell for enjoying life then he’s not the kind of God I want to believe in anyway.  ..and I’m probably going straight to hell for even thinking a thought like this.

And then there were the religions that taught how to have all you wanted in life, like New Thought and Unity. And I knew that they were right. And I was even more tortured. I wanted the peace that those monks had but I wasn’t sure I was ready or ever would be…to give up having money and fun and a joy-filled life.

God is fun and fun is God…

Till finally one year after many years of soul-searching I finally, clearly, undisputedly saw the truth.  Spirituality was living fully alive and adventure was experiencing life fully alive.  They were the same thing.  When you are fully aware of your spiritual nature then every moment is a grand and marvelous adventure.  No matter what life brings it all is a lovely experience just because you are alive.   Fun, enjoyment, life, God…all the same.  Yes, the monks were right and yes the Unity’s were right.  Yes, yes, I could have it all.  I did not have to live a deprived life.  It is possible to live in inner peace and harmony and still have the life you always wanted.  Not only is it possible but they go together.  When your inner being is joyful then your outer life brings you more to be joyful about.  It’s a Law of Life!!


Step off the edge of the world today!!…


…and float right into new life!!

Be Christopher Columbus!  Don’t be afraid to sail into unknown territory.  Is life in your own self-imposed prison a life worth living?  Don’t be afraid of death because maybe an un-lived life is a dead life…maybe you’re already dead and when you step out of your fear you finally find life.   Nothing was ever the same because CC had the courage to set forth into the unknown.  The whole world changed instantly from a flat pancake to a round sphere and new possibilities opened up for all human beings as we began to realize that maybe nothing in life is as it appears to be.

“One cannot discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore.”  Andre Gide

What will you do today to step off the edge of the world and start living?

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