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on March 6, 2018


60-70,000 thoughts in one day. That’s what they say we have. Not quite sure how they calculated that.  Did they have someone conscious enough that they were aware of and counting every thought coming in? And what exactly is the determining factor to tell us that one thought has stopped and another thought started?  Anyway, that number equates to about one thought every second, or actually a little more than a second.  I guess the point is that we do a lot of thinking.

And then they go on to tell us that 90 some percent of thoughts thought are waste thoughts AND unconscious AND are repetitions of previous thoughts.  Again it would be interesting to see how they came up with these figures. But again we clearly get the point!  Painfully clearly!!

  1. If our thoughts create our circumstances and if we are not conscious of most of our thoughts then we are just robots!!
  2. If our thoughts are over 90% repetitions of previous thoughts then we have no hope. We can clearly predict tomorrow and any future because with a few variations it will all be the same as yesterday and today and the last 40 years…so then why even bother living tomorrow because it’s really already done…it’s already lived isn’t it?
  3. To change our future and create the future we really want we need to change our thoughts. To change our thoughts we need to become conscious of them.

In other words…. stop thinking caterpillar thoughts!!

…unless you wanna be a caterpillar…. forever.


What do you think??

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