"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.

…everything passes…

sun in trees

Crisp cool evenings in early August… darkness coming noticeably earlier each day… these are just chilly reminders that nothing lasts forever.   And so often we need reminders such as this.  What we love will soon be gone so enjoy it while we can.  What we don’t love so much will soon be gone so don’t worry…love it for the gifts it brings…for bringing contrast and depth into your life.  Everything comes into our lives just to pass through.  All moments become moments of beauty when we realize that they won’t last.

As we squeeze the last few drops of enjoyment out of each warm evening that just short weeks ago had us living as though they’d never end, we see that all of life is a gift to us.

Everything that comes into our lives has a message for us that says, “Live now, live now!”

Spice for this week:  Get out and live your life!!  Enjoy the warm evenings, enjoy the cold days, sit on your patio, go for walks, spend time with trees, lay on the grass, get up and watch the sunrise for a sunrise meditation, never miss a sunset.

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Loss Creates Space for Better


view from my back door


from my living room window

This morning I awoke with a hollow hurting kind of feeling in my heart…like the ending of a long relationship.  I couldn’t think of anything I’d lost…just…the houseboat?? Hahahaha.  Yes that must be it!  I’d even dreamed about the new owners driving it while I wandered the marina alone.

On Friday my sister had called to say they’re coming down tomorrow to pay for and sign the final papers for the boat.  Oh No!! This was really the end.  How sad!! “Don’t look at it as an ending,”  she said.  “Think of it as making space for something better to show up.”

Yes!  Of course!  How often do we choose to wallow in what’s over and wasn’t even real instead of being in the beauty of the reality of here and now.  Right now I choose to feel gratitude for all the beautiful times we had and let go of all the issues and problems and let go of the feeling of loss.  If something better shows up in my physical world that’s great but if not that’s great too because my heart is full… and that’s all I really want.

Pinch of Spice:  This week spend 15 minutes every day reviewing past losses that you haven’t let go of.  Allow feelings of loss to just pass through you knowing that once you let go then you are making space for something better to show up.  Find something to be grateful for about it and allow feelings of gratitude to fill your heart.  Then together we will fill the Earth with waves and waves of gratitude   and love for all of life.

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Spring’s Treasures


Spring’s Perfume

Wind whipping through my hair, sunshine on my face and sending its warm and oh-so-longed-for rays through my body, and all the glorious wafts of spring’s amazing perfumes.  And all the brilliant, glowing greens of new leaves, new life!!  What a great idea!  A last minute adventure to go and spend a few days on the houseboat before it sold and I was on my way to town for a coffee, and just loving the drive down winding, hilly, tree-lined roads with the top down in my little car.

Spring is filled with wonderful surprises.  Later that evening I was walking with my sister and sudden waves of the most beautiful fragrances blew our way.  I looked around to see which tree would have such wonderful blossoms but she said no, it’s not flowers, it’s the leaves, she smelled that every Spring.  Not believing her ridiculous story I looked around and there were no flowering trees or flowers of any kind nearby but there was a giant poplar tree right in front of us.  I walked over.  It was filled with baby leaves that had just come out of their buds.  They looked wet, shining in the light of the sun.  I touched one and it was sticky.  New born leaves!!!  So fresh, so brilliant green, so new!!  And YES!!!  When I bent over to smell it, it had a most wonderful perfume.

Pinch of Spice:  For a little spice this week, each day go for at least a half hour walk in the woods and notice all the gifts that Spring has for us.  Relish in each thing you notice taking at least 5 minutes to just absorb the wonder and beauty of it.   Notice the new leaves, birds, insects, the colors, smells, touch, flowers, grasses, fluffy clouds, warm Spring air.  Notice how you feel new energy, new life, close your eyes and take at least 5 more minutes to just be there and feel the stirring of new life inside of you.  Take that energy with you to renew you through the week and weeks to come.

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Are you ready for love, life and adventure?!!


Hello world, hello Universe, hello out there all you fellow adventurers.  Whew!! I can’t believe I made it to here.  It took a lifetime of struggle and months of trying to figure out how to get my message to the world, and now, well I guess just because I have a blog doesn’t mean anyone will ever find their way here.  And even if they do it doesn’t mean they’ll read my message.  And even if they do it doesn’t mean they’ll hear the message and get it.

But here I am… and I am so excited to be here…excited-er than you can ever imagine.  Life is just getting better and more fun by the minute.  And I’m so grateful that you are here reading this.  I need you to walk along with me on this magnificent and wonderful adventure of life.  My job in this blog thing is to bring a whole lot of spice into your soul… to inspire you and to be inspired by you so I can inspire even more.

I have to admit I’m a total loser at computer and tech stuff so if this ever gets found by anyone that will be a huge miracle.  And much as I’d love for the whole world to come along with me, God’s great and magnificent gifts for me don’t include technological wisdom, so if this ever gets into a reader’s hands it will be by His sheer Grace and not by anything I’ve done.  So if you’re reading this then you have been chosen.  So open yourself up to receive and get ready for the adventure of your life!

Namaste!!  I love you Universe, I love you readers, I love you God.        Till next time.

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