"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.

What does fun have to do with spirituality?

sailing into adventure

sailing into adventure

Life is meant to be fun and adventure…

Fifteen years ago or thereabouts, in my book-devouring days in which I consumed a book a day almost (bleep bleep! exaggeration!!) I read a book called Celestine Prophecy.  I’ve found that most books I read have one main idea or theme that is worth taking, and it usually takes the author several hundred pages to explain this one idea and get us to believe it.  So the one thing I got from this book was that life is meant to be fun and adventure.

Or is it?……  

Even though I didn’t understand totally at the time how fun and adventure could fit in with a spiritual life (I always thought being spiritual meant being calm and peaceful and holy and that having fun was the opposite of that) I still knew at some level that it was true and that life was meant to be fun.  It was kind of a radical way of thinking for me at the time.  My parents were very religious and we were taught that God was serious and that dancing and having fun were devil’s play.  Even laughing too much was frowned upon.  But with so many kids to try to keep in line I suppose our parents needed to use whatever tricks they had available.

Choose God or Fun……

For many years I was torn and tortured.  I began studying other religions and read about how monks practiced renunciation, giving up all worldly pleasures, and how this was the only way to really find God.  And I knew that they were right.  And this just seemed to prove that my parents were right.  If I wanted God I had to give up fun and enjoyment.  So I spent many tortured years grappling with demons of… doesn’t God want me to be happy?, and does He really want me to be poor?, and if God’s going to send me to hell for enjoying life then he’s not the kind of God I want to believe in anyway.  ..and I’m probably going straight to hell for even thinking a thought like this.

And then there were the religions that taught how to have all you wanted in life, like New Thought and Unity. And I knew that they were right. And I was even more tortured. I wanted the peace that those monks had but I wasn’t sure I was ready or ever would be…to give up having money and fun and a joy-filled life.

God is fun and fun is God…

Till finally one year after many years of soul-searching I finally, clearly, undisputedly saw the truth.  Spirituality was living fully alive and adventure was experiencing life fully alive.  They were the same thing.  When you are fully aware of your spiritual nature then every moment is a grand and marvelous adventure.  No matter what life brings it all is a lovely experience just because you are alive.   Fun, enjoyment, life, God…all the same.  Yes, the monks were right and yes the Unity’s were right.  Yes, yes, I could have it all.  I did not have to live a deprived life.  It is possible to live in inner peace and harmony and still have the life you always wanted.  Not only is it possible but they go together.  When your inner being is joyful then your outer life brings you more to be joyful about.  It’s a Law of Life!!


Pinch of Spice …Senior moments!!!

who's aging?

Is this a senior moment?

Aging, memory loss, etc. is no fun…or is it?

Whew! I’m back.  It took forever to get things set up here so this blog thing is working properly.  And then family stuff!  I just had a traumatic and yet beautiful and amazing couple weeks.  We just moved my oldest sister into a senior center …yikes!! she can’t be that old!! where meals are provided.  Even though she acts like a teenager and is more fun than anyone I know, we and she finally had to admit that she is aging and starting to have senior moments?? (like in the pic above) and she is actually over 80 years old.

A senior can change your life…

It is such a privilege to be with someone who is aging and going through all the pain and loneliness and fears that are associated with aging.  I am so blessed that I can be there to share that with my sister.  Few people know or can even begin to understand the traumas of life as one reaches the age where you realize that life and health are not a given and although each day becomes a gift it is also one more day of facing loneliness, lost dreams, forgetfulness, and aches and pains.  Senior – ness is not easy.  The more that I spend time with her the more I realize how much it’s enriching my life.  And as my life is enriched I hope I can pass that energy on to others.

Soul Spice adventure assignment for the week: Borrow a senior, change your life!! Find a senior or someone who is alone and aging, and doesn’t get out much.  Check your family, your community, or find a senior center nearby.  Set up a schedule of at least one or two visits a week for a couple hours each.  Ask questions, let them talk, just hang out.  I’ve never in my life felt more appreciated than when I spent time with a lonely senior. It will change your life!!  
Please share your progress and insights, or lack of… at the end of the week and on-goingly.  And follow this blog to get your weekly Pinch of Spice right to your email.  And most of all enjoy the adventure of life!

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