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Pinch of Spice: time keeps on tickin’, tickin’, tickin’

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I met a friend for coffee this afternoon.  Summer is on its way and it was one of those days that nothing really mattered.  I just felt like running away from all responsibility.  What is responsibility anyway but a noose around my neck?…a prison cage.  Ahhhh… It felt so lovely to just get into the car and onto the highway, even though it was just a few miles away….  Oh, so carefree!

As we sat there over coffee chatting away she said, “It’s been three years now that I’ve been going out with Jack.”  What??  three years??!!  That meant I’d known her for over three years.  I was shocked.  Not by how long I’d known her but by how little I’d accomplished in my life in those three years.  And it suddenly hit me that I couldn’t keep on living like this.  “Oh My God!!  At this rate we’ll be sitting here in thirty years from now and saying, ‘Nothing has changed.  I’ve accomplished nothing in these thirty years.  My life has been a wasted life’.”

I’ve just had all kinds of recent reminders that it was time to live my life.  For the last thirty years since I first ran away from home to save the world, I had good reasons, exuses for not getting anywhere.  First it was no money, then I had to look after my family, then I had business responsibilities.  Just last fall our business ended.  It had taken much of my energy in the last ten years.  And now??  Well, my family is all pretty much looked after, they’re all married, moved, and reasonably happy.  My excuses and reasons were rapidly disappearing.  If ever I wanted to do great things..if ever I wanted to save the world, I’d better start now.

So here I go!!  I can’t do it alone!!  And I know the more of us who are changing our own lives and making consciousness our number one priority, the bigger an impact we together can have.  Come along with me!!!  Let’s save the world!

Time just keeps tickin’.

Your weekly pinch of spice:  There are 60 minutes every hour and 1440 minutes every day.  How are you using those minutes?  When will you start living?  Why not start now?!  Take a time inventory.  What did you do with your time yesterday or on an average day?  Notice how each hour, each minute was spent.  Was it well spent?  How could you spend it in more aliveness.  Check where you waste time in mind-numbing, time-passing  activities.  Find at least 30 minutes of time each day that you could spend in raising your consciousness and being more alive.  Use that time for some of our Soul Spice Adventures.

Take 15-30 minutes at the start of each day to breathe, focus on your breathing letting thoughts go, and experience being alive.  Take that experience with you through the day.

Please report back at the end of the week and let us know how you’re doing.


Pinch of Spice: The Danger of Knowing

Door, Saidpur

How can knowing be dangerous?

One of the greatest mistakes that I seem to keep making in my life is to think I have the answer.  I’ve discovered that there is great danger in thinking I know something…anything.  Let’s just look at it.  From the minute you know something and you have an answer, then that particular door to that subject closes and the door to any other possibility regarding that subject is closed.

And when that door is closed and some new bit of information or insight comes your way, then the Universe looks over and sees the closed door so it says, “Oh, that person is handled.  They already know.  I don’t have to send any answers their way.”  And then the answers and insights drift on to find another door, one that’s open.

And I’m left there with all my closed doors, going deeper and deeper into the maze of mind and farther and farther from Truth and Openness and Beauty.

Here’s your soul spice assignment for this week...

Take 10 minutes each day to look for your closed doors.  Notice what areas of your life are not working, anywhere that you are not experiencing joy and love.  Ask yourself the questions,

  • What doors have I closed in this area of my life?
  • Where do I have answers that may be closing doors to greater knowing?
  • What do I already know regarding this situation that is keeping me from my higher good?
  • Am I willing to open all closed doors in my life?
  • Am I willing to un-know everything that I know, think I know, or know I know?”

Take 10 extra minutes to just rest in the Beauty and expansiveness that are available when you begin to open closed doors.

Please let us know your thoughts as you do this assignment.  And please click on Follow if you’d like to have these life-changing, consciousness-raising assignments come right to your email.

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