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Choose Joy…


Laughter… (Photo credit: leodelrosa…)

Have you seen the TV ad where the guy is standing on the sidewalk in his work suit, a car driving by splashes him… he laughs.  He’s on the escalator going to his office, getting off he takes his hand off the rail to find a wad of gum stuck to his hand…he laughs.  He sits down at this desk, spills his coffee onto his computer, which sizzles and smokes…he laughs.  No matter what happens he is not bothered.  In this commercial it’s because he’s so happy about some car deal he got, but it’s a great story.  What if we could have that kind of inner happiness that no matter what happened we could just laugh about it because what we have is so much greater than any problem?  Because this is true.

When we meditate we begin to access that kind of inner power.  The power to choose joy in any circumstance.  And we begin to see that that is the only real choice.  Nothing else makes any sense.  How can we be anything but joyful when we are connected to Infinite Joy?  How can anything ever upset us when we know that God is right here in our lives?  Next time you see yourself getting caught by upset, anger, annoyance, any negative emotion see if you can remember who you are… and then just laugh about the problem…and choose joy.

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Robin…Winner of American Idol?

Scarlet Robin

Scarlet Robin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh Robin!! Joyful messenger of hope…
Singer, songwriter, bringer of life.
Just a few little notes
Can say so much.
You bring to me this song, a message of joy,
“Spring is coming! Don’t despair. Nothing lasts forever.”

My heart fills up with the joy of your song…
Till it feels it would explode into fireworks of joy.
Your lovely song wakens my sleeping soul.

Then suddenly you’re gone….
To find another heart to waken.

Who is it that could have sent you?
Who would have trusted so tiny a creature
To deliver so huge a message?

You surely must have won American Idol
Because you won my heart!

(Who’s your favorite on American Idol?  The robin outside my window still gets my vote!!)

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