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Dance with gratitude…with fear…with pain

Gratitude loves dancing with Beauty
They dance with ease and grace,
Perfect dance partners.
Why not let gratitude dance with anger, with fear,
With resentment and pain?
“Cause when you do you find yourself dancing
Right into Heaven’s sweet embrace.

It’s easy to love beauty and it’s easy to feel gratitude for things that are beautiful.  But unwanted situations bring us feelings of pain and suffering and we don’t love those negative feelings or situations very much, do we?  But why?  What’s the benefit of resisting, avoiding, wallowing in analyzing?  Have any of these things ever worked?  No!  All these approaches just keep these things hanging around, and if they do seem to disappear well guess what?  a while later they return again.  So if we know they don’t work then why stay stuck in something that doesn’t bring us what we want?

Maybe all negative responses are simply habit, simply something we’ve been trained to do down through the generations without ever questioning why. some glitch in the human condition.

So why not try loving all unwanted situations and being grateful for them because maybe they’re the only way to get to the Peace that waits on the other side?  Why not set yourself free and help set the world free?

Pinch of Spice…Yes this week every time you notice a negative reaction, any negative emotion, ask yourself, “Why?  Is this emotion serving me?”  Then be willing to let it go and love the situation that you thought caused that emotion.  Feel gratitude for the situation and feel gratitude for the emotion.  Enjoy that feeling when you let go.  Enjoy letting gratitude dance with all your emotions.

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ThanksGiving…my only prayer

“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You, that would suffice.”  Meister Eckhart

This is my only prayer…

Thank You God…

Thank you for this day of life…and this opportunity to live in thanksgiving.  Thank you for family in which I am so deeply blessed.  Thank you for food, wonderful tastes, harvests, wheat fields and lovely round hay bales on country drives.

Thank you for friends, good health, plenty.

Thank you for sunshine.

Thank you for golden hued leaves dancing in my window and for warm autumn days. Thank you for birds and skies, for bountiful harvests supplied by trees and friends.  Thank you for a fridge overflowing with fresh apples and tomatoes.

Thank you for meditation and for being ever near, for all of life that brings me back to you when I stray.    Thank you for so much to give thanks for and a heart overflowing with gratitude.  Only love can live in a heart like this.

PINCH OF SPICE FOR THIS WEEK:  This is a perfect time to take time for gratitude and see how it changes your life.  Every day this week take at least 20 minutes to make your list of things you are thankful for.  Then be sure to take time to rest in feelings of gratitude.  Feel how it changes your Now and watch how it changes your future Nows.

“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You, that would suffice.”  Meister Eckhart


Loss Creates Space for Better


view from my back door


from my living room window

This morning I awoke with a hollow hurting kind of feeling in my heart…like the ending of a long relationship.  I couldn’t think of anything I’d lost…just…the houseboat?? Hahahaha.  Yes that must be it!  I’d even dreamed about the new owners driving it while I wandered the marina alone.

On Friday my sister had called to say they’re coming down tomorrow to pay for and sign the final papers for the boat.  Oh No!! This was really the end.  How sad!! “Don’t look at it as an ending,”  she said.  “Think of it as making space for something better to show up.”

Yes!  Of course!  How often do we choose to wallow in what’s over and wasn’t even real instead of being in the beauty of the reality of here and now.  Right now I choose to feel gratitude for all the beautiful times we had and let go of all the issues and problems and let go of the feeling of loss.  If something better shows up in my physical world that’s great but if not that’s great too because my heart is full… and that’s all I really want.

Pinch of Spice:  This week spend 15 minutes every day reviewing past losses that you haven’t let go of.  Allow feelings of loss to just pass through you knowing that once you let go then you are making space for something better to show up.  Find something to be grateful for about it and allow feelings of gratitude to fill your heart.  Then together we will fill the Earth with waves and waves of gratitude   and love for all of life.

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