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GCI October 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus


Moon (Photo credit: penguinbush)


In case you have not yet joined the Global Coherence Initiative, this 29th of October full moon could be a perfect time to do so.  It is so amazing to be part of and see others throughout the planet sending love at the same time.  Yes you can actually see where others throughout the globe are meditating.  Wow!!  It makes you feel so connected and not only helps to raise the vibration of the planet but also raises your own vibration.  Yes we’re all busy but maybe it’s time to get our priorities straight and spend our time on what really matters.

This is a meditation worth doing!!!  Try it and see if it doesn’t change your whole day/ days.

Click this link to check it out and join in…

GCI October 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus.

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…full moon global event

If you are not a member of this site you might want to take a look and join in on this event.  It is so neat to see how many others around the globe are participating, even if you are not there at the right time.  It really makes you feel like you are part of something bigger!!

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