"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.

I’m flying!!

What is it about the “I’m flying” scene from the Titanic movie that we all love? Yes, it was a magical moment of love.  But isn’t it so much more than that?  Maybe it’s because it brings us to aliveness…we feel it. As we watch that scene we feel like we are flying. We feel like we are alive…. alive like we’ve never been before. Standing there at the bow of the ship as it moves forward into unknown territory, feeling totally vulnerable.  Any moment, any wrong move and our life could be over….this is what aliveness feels like. Being right there at the very forefront of the ship, the frontmost of the frontmost of life, heading ever forward into newness, into the unknown, and creating life right there in the moment, not knowing but creating as we go. Life and death are both an option.  This is being fully alive in the moment. This is living life as a daring adventure! Wheeeee!!  Can you feel it? I’m flying! We are flying!!

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Are you ready for love, life and adventure?!!


Hello world, hello Universe, hello out there all you fellow adventurers.  Whew!! I can’t believe I made it to here.  It took a lifetime of struggle and months of trying to figure out how to get my message to the world, and now, well I guess just because I have a blog doesn’t mean anyone will ever find their way here.  And even if they do it doesn’t mean they’ll read my message.  And even if they do it doesn’t mean they’ll hear the message and get it.

But here I am… and I am so excited to be here…excited-er than you can ever imagine.  Life is just getting better and more fun by the minute.  And I’m so grateful that you are here reading this.  I need you to walk along with me on this magnificent and wonderful adventure of life.  My job in this blog thing is to bring a whole lot of spice into your soul… to inspire you and to be inspired by you so I can inspire even more.

I have to admit I’m a total loser at computer and tech stuff so if this ever gets found by anyone that will be a huge miracle.  And much as I’d love for the whole world to come along with me, God’s great and magnificent gifts for me don’t include technological wisdom, so if this ever gets into a reader’s hands it will be by His sheer Grace and not by anything I’ve done.  So if you’re reading this then you have been chosen.  So open yourself up to receive and get ready for the adventure of your life!

Namaste!!  I love you Universe, I love you readers, I love you God.        Till next time.

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Welcome to Spice for your Soul

Hello all you wonderful souls out there in the Universe!!  Are you ready for some spice?  For too long we’ve all been in the dark and it’s time to come on out and play with me, and begin to shine.  Cause that’s what we came to this planet to do!   And that’s what I’m here to do… to inspire you so you can inspire me so that together we can travel this beautiful adventure of life and do amazing things and live the lives we were meant to live.  Well, lovely you’s, it’s late and I have to admit I’m somewhat tech challenged so it took me hours to figure this out.  Nitey nite and see you all soon.