"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.

2014: Burn the Old, Invent the New

sacred fire

sacred fire


Sunday I led a New Year’s Mini-Retreat at my house. We re-viewed our past year, miracles, accomplishments, our failures and disappointments. We listed all our limiting ideas, thoughts and beliefs that were holding us back from greatness. We built a beautiful blazing fire and one by one we offered all things from the past to be purified in the sacred flames. We watched as our past burned on bits of paper turning to ash before our eyes.


Our souls felt purified. And with a clean slate we visioned our New Year. In silence of meditation we opened ourselves to a whole new being… to a whole new, previously unimagined possibility for our lives. Feeling the infinite nature of who we really are we began to write new messages upon the slate of 2014.

Faith, Love, Joy, Life, Harmony, Peace, Light, Greatness, Gratitude, Truth, Giving,  were the seeds of the writing on the slate.


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…robin takes me away…to meditation

Robin’s Meditation

Robin’s call takes me away
….to another shore
where time has no meaning,
where thoughts exist no more.
Clamoring, clinging shouts
persistently demanding tenant’s rights…
demanding to maintain residence
are losing the battle…
in the joyful call of the robin.

Empty rooms are found and
spaciousness is once again the king

Silence rings its bell
and the unfamiliar taste of rest
is the gift
to welcome new guests like me.

Always follow a robin’s call.
This is life lived.


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Living life as an adventure


Life as an adventure…What exactly does this mean?  Well. I looked up adventure in the dictionary and this is what it says:  “There’s an element of uncertainty in adventure.”

Human beings seem to want certainty… we want the security of knowing what to expect each day.  Yet at the same time we long for the adventure of the unknown.  And we are envious of anyone who is adventurous.  When I ran away from home at the age of 30, left my husband, my beautiful home, my ten year teaching career and moved to a new city where I knew no-one, had no job, and no place to stay, my friends were envious.  Well, some of them actually thought I was crazy but mostly they wished they could do that.

We all love exploring new lands, we’re drawn to sports like sky-diving, skiing, mountain climbing, that have some element of uncertainty and even danger.  Even the thought of jumping out of an airplane is exciting, exhilarating, or swooshing down a fresh, pristine mountain slope where no-one has ever been before.  Goosebumps just thinking about it.

What is it about adventure that draws us?  Perhaps it is that in that moment of daring adventure, face to face with the danger of the unknown, this is when we experience aliveness, when we experience our true nature of ever expanding newness.  And this is all we really live for…to realize our true being.

Meditation is an inner adventure, into your soul, your subconscious mind, infinite realms of  consciousness, infinite worlds there to explore.  Let meditation be your way of life, let the adventure of life bring you aliveness…then eventually all of life becomes a grand and wonderful adventure.  because everything is seen newly… freshly, because you are reborn in each moment.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  Helen Keller

Which do you choose?

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Choose Joy…


Laughter… (Photo credit: leodelrosa…)

Have you seen the TV ad where the guy is standing on the sidewalk in his work suit, a car driving by splashes him… he laughs.  He’s on the escalator going to his office, getting off he takes his hand off the rail to find a wad of gum stuck to his hand…he laughs.  He sits down at this desk, spills his coffee onto his computer, which sizzles and smokes…he laughs.  No matter what happens he is not bothered.  In this commercial it’s because he’s so happy about some car deal he got, but it’s a great story.  What if we could have that kind of inner happiness that no matter what happened we could just laugh about it because what we have is so much greater than any problem?  Because this is true.

When we meditate we begin to access that kind of inner power.  The power to choose joy in any circumstance.  And we begin to see that that is the only real choice.  Nothing else makes any sense.  How can we be anything but joyful when we are connected to Infinite Joy?  How can anything ever upset us when we know that God is right here in our lives?  Next time you see yourself getting caught by upset, anger, annoyance, any negative emotion see if you can remember who you are… and then just laugh about the problem…and choose joy.

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how to stretch time with a tree….

walk in woods

Yikes!!! Time is just a-tickin’ away.  I just realized I haven’t written a post for over 3 weeks now!!  Not that I haven’t got ideas or stuff that needs to be said… I’ve even got a couple dozen drafts waiting to be finished and posted…and new stuff just keeps pouring in waiting for its chance to be placed onto the printed page.  And I refuse to use the excuse that I don’t have the time…because I’ve learned how to stretch time.

I know that time can be bent and shaped according to my inner state.  It shrinks and expands.  When I’m impatient, waiting in the slow line, time takes forever, and when I have a deadline, I can magically finish a 5 hour job in one hour.  When I’m away from a loved one a week seems like forever but when we’re together no amount of time is ever enough.  And when I’m out on a silent walk in the woods, or deep in a beautiful meditation one moment holds infinity within it.

I love everything that brings me back to remembrance of the importance of every single minute of our lives…whether it’s a deadline or a slow line, an un-done blog post or just a tree in the woods.

PINCH OF SPICE:  This simple process is one way to stretch time and change your life!!!
It’s time once again to take an inventory of how you spend your time.  Review your last 2 or 3 days and make a list of things you did hour by hour.  Then make a list of your priorities in your life.  Does your inventory list match your priority list?  What can you add to or subtract from your days to make them more meaningful…to make each minute be a well used minute?   Be sure to add in some walks in trees and some meditations to bring that timelessness back into your daily doing.

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meditation is like bamboo….


When you plant a certain type of bamboo seed you might wait a long time to see the result of your planting, but in the end it’s worth it.  It takes years before you see any sign of life, often four or five years.  You plant the seed and water it and you might expect that like with most seeds in a week or so you’ll see a baby plant, but you keep watering and waiting and you see nothing.  Soon a year has passed and then another year and you still keep waiting and watering.   You are determined because you know you’ll get a bamboo tree… you think.  Soon three years have passed and you still keep watering and waiting.  Four years… and then in year five suddenly a shoot appears above ground!   And then almost by magic that little shoot, in one season…in less than 2 months… will reach its full maturity of over 60 feet high.  It grows so fast you can almost watch it grow.  Magic!

Just because you do not see anything for so many years does this mean nothing is happening?  NO!!  Beneath the surface of the soil stuff is going on.   Every day, every month, every year roots are growing bigger, longer, stronger.  The bamboo plant is establishing its foundation.

If you feel like nothing is happening in your meditation or in your life…if you feel like you’re putting all this effort in and see no result… just remember this story of the bamboo.  Every meditation you do, every moment of awareness, every experience of beauty is growing your root system…establishing your foundation. None of it is ever lost or wasted.  And one day you will burst forth into the light and nothing will be the same again!  It’s inevitable!

Soul Spice for the Week:  This week in your meditation feel the truth of the bamboo story, knowing that no meditation is ever lost or in vain,  feel your roots growing and feel the beauty of bursting into the light, even if you just feel the light under the cover of the soil, experience it now.  And know that when you are ready, nothing can stop you!  Feel the reality of this now, not as something to look forward to in the future but something you can experience NOW!!

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GCI October 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus


Moon (Photo credit: penguinbush)


In case you have not yet joined the Global Coherence Initiative, this 29th of October full moon could be a perfect time to do so.  It is so amazing to be part of and see others throughout the planet sending love at the same time.  Yes you can actually see where others throughout the globe are meditating.  Wow!!  It makes you feel so connected and not only helps to raise the vibration of the planet but also raises your own vibration.  Yes we’re all busy but maybe it’s time to get our priorities straight and spend our time on what really matters.

This is a meditation worth doing!!!  Try it and see if it doesn’t change your whole day/ days.

Click this link to check it out and join in…

GCI October 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus.

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ThanksGiving…my only prayer

“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You, that would suffice.”  Meister Eckhart

This is my only prayer…

Thank You God…

Thank you for this day of life…and this opportunity to live in thanksgiving.  Thank you for family in which I am so deeply blessed.  Thank you for food, wonderful tastes, harvests, wheat fields and lovely round hay bales on country drives.

Thank you for friends, good health, plenty.

Thank you for sunshine.

Thank you for golden hued leaves dancing in my window and for warm autumn days. Thank you for birds and skies, for bountiful harvests supplied by trees and friends.  Thank you for a fridge overflowing with fresh apples and tomatoes.

Thank you for meditation and for being ever near, for all of life that brings me back to you when I stray.    Thank you for so much to give thanks for and a heart overflowing with gratitude.  Only love can live in a heart like this.

PINCH OF SPICE FOR THIS WEEK:  This is a perfect time to take time for gratitude and see how it changes your life.  Every day this week take at least 20 minutes to make your list of things you are thankful for.  Then be sure to take time to rest in feelings of gratitude.  Feel how it changes your Now and watch how it changes your future Nows.

“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You, that would suffice.”  Meister Eckhart


Autumn Leaves…let go, let go…

Autumn leaves…
Crunch, crunch beneath our feet…
Each falling leaf says let go, let go…
Every crunch says life is change, life is change…
Green leaves turn yellow…
And fall to the ground…
Crunch, crunch, crunch….
A reminder that nothing lasts forever.

And though we desperately hold on to the beauty of long warm evenings, midnight strolls in the park, endless days, picking flowers, laying on grassy fields, autumn has its own special beauty and gifts to give.  All the brilliant colors, harvests, wheat fields, vegetables, fruit, the tart taste of chokecherries as we pick and eat.

Shorter days mean more time at home, for reading, writing, baking, hot tea by the fireplace, cuddling on the couch, building cocoons, stocking dens and nests for dark days to come.  And shorter days mean time for settling into routines, classes.  Yes, we need the gifts of Autumn too.  What a great time to join a meditation group.

Pinch of Spice:  Find a meditation group to join.  Or start a group using these exercises or following some book.  You can join us for free classes at Forest Heights Community Hall, 10150-80 St, Edmonton, every Wed at 7pm.

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Meditation…love conquers all!


We Focus our mind…

one point…

Om Shanti…     Om Shanti…

We sit, un-moving…

30 minutes…

Mind struggles to maintain its hold.

We persist…

Om Shanti…     Om Shanti…

Willing to give ourselves to the unknown.

Each time we let go of a thought and come back to focus we are saying, “I choose to make this more important.  Just for now that thought, that problem, I’m setting it aside, relegating it to a lower rung on the ladder.”
Om Shanti…    Om Shanti…

The beauty of stillness calls me deeper into its mystery. ..and soon even the dictator mind is won over.   Deepest Love is born here.   There is nothing left to resist the call of Love as we dive gloriously deeper and deeper down.

Love really does conquer all.

You cannot lose.  It’s impossible.  Just the very act of sitting in meditation is a message to all of life saying, “Love is my priority.  For this 30 minutes I give myself to Love.  For this 30 minutes I am willing to live in faith, trusting my problems over to Love.”

Yes, Love conquers… Yes Love wins.

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