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Robin…Winner of American Idol?

Scarlet Robin

Scarlet Robin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh Robin!! Joyful messenger of hope…
Singer, songwriter, bringer of life.
Just a few little notes
Can say so much.
You bring to me this song, a message of joy,
“Spring is coming! Don’t despair. Nothing lasts forever.”

My heart fills up with the joy of your song…
Till it feels it would explode into fireworks of joy.
Your lovely song wakens my sleeping soul.

Then suddenly you’re gone….
To find another heart to waken.

Who is it that could have sent you?
Who would have trusted so tiny a creature
To deliver so huge a message?

You surely must have won American Idol
Because you won my heart!

(Who’s your favorite on American Idol? ┬áThe robin outside my window still gets my vote!!)

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