sun dog… miracles…lessons of nature

sun dog
miracle of nature

Miracles abound!!  Let nature remind us of the miracles that are all around and part of our life every day.

All of nature is an amazing miracle.  And within every part of nature is revealed a wonderful life lesson.  Changing seasons, the gifts of food, stillness of trees, plants and animals preparing for the seasons, etc, etc.  Watching nature we can learn all we need to know about life.  Even a close look at one leaf of your house plant can change your life as you allow its wisdom to move into your soul.

Today, I had the amazing fortune to see a most amazing sun dog. What a miraculous event!!  I had to stop the car to run and find a good photo spot. Is it an omen of good luck or just a sign of a change in the weather?  Whatever it is it will be good.  After minus 30 temperatures in November a change in the weather can only be lucky.  And to witness such beauty can only be called a miracle!!

Your Pinch Of Spice today is to get out there into nature, find miracles there, allow their beauty to change you inside, and then watch as miracles begin to pour into your life.


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