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2014: Burn the Old, Invent the New

sacred fire

sacred fire


Sunday I led a New Year’s Mini-Retreat at my house. We re-viewed our past year, miracles, accomplishments, our failures and disappointments. We listed all our limiting ideas, thoughts and beliefs that were holding us back from greatness. We built a beautiful blazing fire and one by one we offered all things from the past to be purified in the sacred flames. We watched as our past burned on bits of paper turning to ash before our eyes.


Our souls felt purified. And with a clean slate we visioned our New Year. In silence of meditation we opened ourselves to a whole new being… to a whole new, previously unimagined possibility for our lives. Feeling the infinite nature of who we really are we began to write new messages upon the slate of 2014.

Faith, Love, Joy, Life, Harmony, Peace, Light, Greatness, Gratitude, Truth, Giving,  were the seeds of the writing on the slate.


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A New Year’s resolution to end all resolutions…

grow miracles

grow miracles

Every year promises, resolutions, hopes for a new life and a new way of being.  Gradually over the years we realize that resolutions and promises don’t work.  We resign ourselves to the status quo….next year will turn out however it does no matter what we do.  So why even make an effort?

Throw away all your resolutions!!  Today let us make a new kind of resolution…a resolution to end all resolutions… and that is to live now, to be happy now, to have all we want now, because now is the seed for tomorrow.  So whatever you want in the new year feel how it would feel to have it and stay with that new energy of having.

Today let us plant a new seed.  A seed that will grow miracles in our life.  Each day cultivate miracles, nurture miracles, feed them, watch for them.  When you get up in the morning let your first thought be, “What miracles can I create today?”  and then watch and wait for miracles to appear.  Grow a lovely garden of miracles.

Find or make a beautiful miracles box.   Cut up little bits of paper and as you notice miracles in your life write them down.  Write the big ones on colored paper.  As your miracle consciousness grows you will begin to notice more and more miracles in your life.  Whenever you have a down day get out your miracles box and remember all your many blessings.  Happy New Year!!

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2013…new year, new you!!

WOW!!  This little video really makes you think.  If you ever thought you were not good enough, didn’t deserve, God didn’t love you, then maybe it’s time to get over it!!!  Just think about the odds of you being you and being here now.  Even if the video is not all fact, it does make us think.

When will you realize that there’s no-one on the entire planet exactly like you?  …that it’s no coincidence that you’re here…that you have a special purpose?  When will you stop believing your thoughts of limitation?  When will you stop letting obstacles stop you?  When will you get over being run by your circumstances and blaming everyone and everything and whining about how life is unfair?

Maybe you were born for greatness!  Maybe you are way more and bigger and better than you could ever believe.  Maybe your Creator is watching over you and supporting you and loving you and maybe all you need to do is to step out in faith instead of playing it small.

Let’s start this new year and this New World in a whole new level of being…let’s stop our whining and excuses and make every day an adventure.  What if you were no worse than anyone else on the planet…and no better?  What if Creator/God loves you…yes you…and loves you as much as everyone else?  What if you are special, one in 7 billion…yes, one in 7 billion?!

Maybe it’s time to get over your limitations and live your greatness.  Right now!

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