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…robin takes me away…to meditation

Robin’s Meditation

Robin’s call takes me away
….to another shore
where time has no meaning,
where thoughts exist no more.
Clamoring, clinging shouts
persistently demanding tenant’s rights…
demanding to maintain residence
are losing the battle…
in the joyful call of the robin.

Empty rooms are found and
spaciousness is once again the king

Silence rings its bell
and the unfamiliar taste of rest
is the gift
to welcome new guests like me.

Always follow a robin’s call.
This is life lived.


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I didn’t ask for lemons…


Lemon (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_

I don’t want lemons.  That’s not what I asked for.  Whatever happened to, “Ask and it will be given…”?  Where’s the palm tree and beach I asked for?  And I don’t even like lemonade!!  So I’ll just keep being miserable till I get what I want.  Oh, but look at this lovely ray of sunshine coming in my window.  It’s gonna be another hot and beautiful day.  And these lemons are such a lovely yellow color.  Yes, I remember once I made some iced tea with green tea, lemons, spices and stevia and it was amazing and oh so healthy!  And guess what!!?  I just happen to have all the ingredients because for some reason life just gave me a bunch of lemons… And it’s not quite a beach or a palm tree but laying on a lounge chair on my deck in the hot afternoon sun that iced tea was better than any tropical cocktail and as I looked up at the endless blue sky, palm fronds lent their welcome shade… Oh, I guess those are poplar leaves.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade…or something even better!!

Have you made lemonade lately?  Tell us your lemonade story!!

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“O Wind… If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?” Percy Bysshe Shelley


Spring!!  Every day is getting noticeably longer.  Light and life are thankfully returning to what seemed to be a dark and dreary land.  Spirits are lifting.  Hope of green grass and late summer evenings is in the air.  Hearts once again rejoice in the knowing that we have not been forsaken or even forgotten.  The sun is returning to warm our hearts and the earth.

Pinch of Spice for this week:  Every Spring with my Grade 3 class we would discover the fun of water colors.  Now it’s your turn!!  Find some water color paper… you might need to go the nearest art shop… years ago any kind of white paper seemed to do but  I just discovered that the computer paper of today just doesn’t work.  Then get a brush, some water color paints, wet your paper and let your soul express.  Dab on some bright flowery colors…see what you can create.  Try it on really wet paper letting the colors run down, try it on paper once the water has soaked in and let the colors spread out like a fireworks display.  Try it once the paper has dried to paint in outlines or sharper contrasts.  Let your spirit run wild.  Let life express through you.  You might just get hooked on the joy of showing your true colors through water color painting.

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Before I die I will…

I recently saw this sign just off 118 Ave, and it made me stop and think for a while…a long while…and it made me realize how amazing people are and how talented.  I love driving down the street and seeing the sides of buildings covered with huge murals or painted boxes and posts…amazing art work.

This sign brought my mind to a sudden stop.  So big a message in such a few words.  Before I die I will… And instead of going off on another track as it usually does, this time my mind just hovered there for a while, feeling the depth of these five words.

Before I die I will… leave a significant positive mark upon the earth.

How about you?


Dance with gratitude…with fear…with pain

Gratitude loves dancing with Beauty
They dance with ease and grace,
Perfect dance partners.
Why not let gratitude dance with anger, with fear,
With resentment and pain?
“Cause when you do you find yourself dancing
Right into Heaven’s sweet embrace.

It’s easy to love beauty and it’s easy to feel gratitude for things that are beautiful.  But unwanted situations bring us feelings of pain and suffering and we don’t love those negative feelings or situations very much, do we?  But why?  What’s the benefit of resisting, avoiding, wallowing in analyzing?  Have any of these things ever worked?  No!  All these approaches just keep these things hanging around, and if they do seem to disappear well guess what?  a while later they return again.  So if we know they don’t work then why stay stuck in something that doesn’t bring us what we want?

Maybe all negative responses are simply habit, simply something we’ve been trained to do down through the generations without ever questioning why. some glitch in the human condition.

So why not try loving all unwanted situations and being grateful for them because maybe they’re the only way to get to the Peace that waits on the other side?  Why not set yourself free and help set the world free?

Pinch of Spice…Yes this week every time you notice a negative reaction, any negative emotion, ask yourself, “Why?  Is this emotion serving me?”  Then be willing to let it go and love the situation that you thought caused that emotion.  Feel gratitude for the situation and feel gratitude for the emotion.  Enjoy that feeling when you let go.  Enjoy letting gratitude dance with all your emotions.

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GCI October 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus


Moon (Photo credit: penguinbush)


In case you have not yet joined the Global Coherence Initiative, this 29th of October full moon could be a perfect time to do so.  It is so amazing to be part of and see others throughout the planet sending love at the same time.  Yes you can actually see where others throughout the globe are meditating.  Wow!!  It makes you feel so connected and not only helps to raise the vibration of the planet but also raises your own vibration.  Yes we’re all busy but maybe it’s time to get our priorities straight and spend our time on what really matters.

This is a meditation worth doing!!!  Try it and see if it doesn’t change your whole day/ days.

Click this link to check it out and join in…

GCI October 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus.

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ThanksGiving…my only prayer

“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You, that would suffice.”  Meister Eckhart

This is my only prayer…

Thank You God…

Thank you for this day of life…and this opportunity to live in thanksgiving.  Thank you for family in which I am so deeply blessed.  Thank you for food, wonderful tastes, harvests, wheat fields and lovely round hay bales on country drives.

Thank you for friends, good health, plenty.

Thank you for sunshine.

Thank you for golden hued leaves dancing in my window and for warm autumn days. Thank you for birds and skies, for bountiful harvests supplied by trees and friends.  Thank you for a fridge overflowing with fresh apples and tomatoes.

Thank you for meditation and for being ever near, for all of life that brings me back to you when I stray.    Thank you for so much to give thanks for and a heart overflowing with gratitude.  Only love can live in a heart like this.

PINCH OF SPICE FOR THIS WEEK:  This is a perfect time to take time for gratitude and see how it changes your life.  Every day this week take at least 20 minutes to make your list of things you are thankful for.  Then be sure to take time to rest in feelings of gratitude.  Feel how it changes your Now and watch how it changes your future Nows.

“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You, that would suffice.”  Meister Eckhart


Meditation…love conquers all!


We Focus our mind…

one point…

Om Shanti…     Om Shanti…

We sit, un-moving…

30 minutes…

Mind struggles to maintain its hold.

We persist…

Om Shanti…     Om Shanti…

Willing to give ourselves to the unknown.

Each time we let go of a thought and come back to focus we are saying, “I choose to make this more important.  Just for now that thought, that problem, I’m setting it aside, relegating it to a lower rung on the ladder.”
Om Shanti…    Om Shanti…

The beauty of stillness calls me deeper into its mystery. ..and soon even the dictator mind is won over.   Deepest Love is born here.   There is nothing left to resist the call of Love as we dive gloriously deeper and deeper down.

Love really does conquer all.

You cannot lose.  It’s impossible.  Just the very act of sitting in meditation is a message to all of life saying, “Love is my priority.  For this 30 minutes I give myself to Love.  For this 30 minutes I am willing to live in faith, trusting my problems over to Love.”

Yes, Love conquers… Yes Love wins.

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…who wants war?…

WOW!!  I love this video.  I love what this guy is doing and I love the response he’s getting.  How can we watch something like this and not feel a great hope for the human race… that there is so much good and so much love in the world that the good cannot help but overcome the greed.

Who wants war?  Who wants to see people suffer and in pain?  Gregg Braden says that human beings were not meant for war.  It’s not in our genetic makeup.  War is just a recent thing in the span of human civilization.  We think it is inevitable, we even think it is necessary.  But maybe we have been led to believe a lie.  When we talk to the average person in any war zone they mostly do not want to kill anyone.  Maybe war is perpetuated and even promoted because it is profitable.  Maybe it’s time to wake up and begin to see that we are so much more than we can ever have thought.  That we are all the same at the deepest part of our being.

Gregg Braden says the end of war will start as a grass roots movement…like this video….where one person reaches out and touches another and in so doing touches millions of lives. This video gives us hope that maybe love will win…and maybe the human race will survive.

This week in your meditations allow your peace to flow out to all human beings, all your enemies, all those you have issues with.  Feel how good it feels to shower them with peace.  Feel the truth that you do not really wish them any harm.  Feel the truth that when you are angry with someone it is your anger…it shows up as tension and stress in your body…and that this is not what you want.  Let there be peace on earth.

In Memory…Hiroshima…Aug 6, 1945.

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give peace a chance…

All we are saying …Is give peace a chance
All we are saying …Is give peace a chance

WOW!!! Amazing video clip.  All week since starting Ringo Starr’s noon peace and love moment, I’ve been singing this song.  Then I happened upon this video and couldn’t help but share it here.

Make peace your number 1 priority.  If I asked you most of you would say that Yes, peace is definitely one of the most important things in your life.  But does your life show it?  How much time do we spend on not peace compared to how much time we spend on peace.  Take a few minutes now to look at your day and just note how much of your day was spent in busyness, rushing, and doing things that do not promote peace.  Now take note of how much time you spent in peace or promoting peace.  If peace is so important in your life why are you not taking time for it?

In the midst of your most pressing busyness, when time is crowding in on you,  when you’re beginning to feel a sense of panic that you won’t meet your deadlines…just STOP.  Take 10 minutes to just do nothing.  To keep your mind from rushing back to solve your problems focus on your breathing or read a favorite prayer or meditation to help you let go.  Just let yourself rest in nothingness.  What does this do?  It accesses your subconscious mind, your connection with Oneness, your God-self.  It’s a message to the Universe that peace is number one to you…that you are now, at least for this moment willing to give peace a chance.  Then watch how the whole Universe rushes in to help you in all you do and life becomes easy so you can live in even greater peace.

Try it now.  STOP now and at least once every day and give peace a chance.  When you do this it says, “I trust in the power of peace because even though I have all this other important stuff that needs to be done I am giving 10 minutes to peace.” Soon you will want to spend more and more time in peace as peace rewards you.

All we are saying…Is give peace a chance.

Namaste!!!  I bow to the Peace seeker in all of you.

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