"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.

…everything passes…

sun in trees

Crisp cool evenings in early August… darkness coming noticeably earlier each day… these are just chilly reminders that nothing lasts forever.   And so often we need reminders such as this.  What we love will soon be gone so enjoy it while we can.  What we don’t love so much will soon be gone so don’t worry…love it for the gifts it brings…for bringing contrast and depth into your life.  Everything comes into our lives just to pass through.  All moments become moments of beauty when we realize that they won’t last.

As we squeeze the last few drops of enjoyment out of each warm evening that just short weeks ago had us living as though they’d never end, we see that all of life is a gift to us.

Everything that comes into our lives has a message for us that says, “Live now, live now!”

Spice for this week:  Get out and live your life!!  Enjoy the warm evenings, enjoy the cold days, sit on your patio, go for walks, spend time with trees, lay on the grass, get up and watch the sunrise for a sunrise meditation, never miss a sunset.

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Glorious now….


baby geese

more geese

The babies are growing…
sunsets are glorious.
Throw away your to-do lists.
Leave the dusting and worry behind.
Be responsible only to your inner calling.
Get out into the park.
Listen to the wisdom of a tree and a baby goose.
Drop into the timelessness that only exists in an intimate relationship with a blade of grass.
Summer will not last forever!

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I didn’t ask for lemons…


Lemon (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_

I don’t want lemons.  That’s not what I asked for.  Whatever happened to, “Ask and it will be given…”?  Where’s the palm tree and beach I asked for?  And I don’t even like lemonade!!  So I’ll just keep being miserable till I get what I want.  Oh, but look at this lovely ray of sunshine coming in my window.  It’s gonna be another hot and beautiful day.  And these lemons are such a lovely yellow color.  Yes, I remember once I made some iced tea with green tea, lemons, spices and stevia and it was amazing and oh so healthy!  And guess what!!?  I just happen to have all the ingredients because for some reason life just gave me a bunch of lemons… And it’s not quite a beach or a palm tree but laying on a lounge chair on my deck in the hot afternoon sun that iced tea was better than any tropical cocktail and as I looked up at the endless blue sky, palm fronds lent their welcome shade… Oh, I guess those are poplar leaves.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade…or something even better!!

Have you made lemonade lately?  Tell us your lemonade story!!

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…outer space proof that all of life loves us

Wow!!  I am so excited I just have to stop everything and share this story.

Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut has “brought the miracle of space travel home to the world” allowing all of us to experience it.  But I just recently found a little known secret that NASA discovered that can change the way we see ourselves.

In my meditation class I’ve been talking about how all of life is here to support us and I keep getting proof of that but this one is just toooo amazing!!  I know you’ll love it!

My brother’s business place often has glue fumes from the place next door and yesterday my sister said she was at the store to buy some plants and the lady just happened to mention that spider plants, you know those long spiky leafed things that have all these babies hanging at the bottom, well they actually detoxify the air.  I thought, “Oh sure, just because they use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen then naturally the air would be more clean and pure.”  But I thought I’d check and see what Google had to say about it.  And guess what!!??  Not only spider plants but many plants do actually get rid of toxic substances in the air!  Apparently years ago NASA wanted to find a way to have clean air on the Space Station so they studied plants and discovered that many plants were able to remove toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

I am so amazed!!  God loves us!!  If you ever had any doubt about how much you are loved just check out some of these sites or Google NASA Clean Air Study.  It is exciting news!!  And it is proof of how much God love us.  Everything we need is there for us!!  No matter how badly we pollute our world the remedy is there.  How could this possibly be true?  That we are so loved that we can destroy life and a beautiful, natural way to fix up our mess is there for us.  How could we ever think God is punishing us?  How could we ever believe He has deserted us?  He is here just giving, just loving.  It makes me want to cry.  … that we waste so much time feeling unloved when such great love is given.

Oh… I just thought of another story!!  Next time!

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Before I die I will…

I recently saw this sign just off 118 Ave, and it made me stop and think for a while…a long while…and it made me realize how amazing people are and how talented.  I love driving down the street and seeing the sides of buildings covered with huge murals or painted boxes and posts…amazing art work.

This sign brought my mind to a sudden stop.  So big a message in such a few words.  Before I die I will… And instead of going off on another track as it usually does, this time my mind just hovered there for a while, feeling the depth of these five words.

Before I die I will… leave a significant positive mark upon the earth.

How about you?


Autumn Leaves…let go, let go…

Autumn leaves…
Crunch, crunch beneath our feet…
Each falling leaf says let go, let go…
Every crunch says life is change, life is change…
Green leaves turn yellow…
And fall to the ground…
Crunch, crunch, crunch….
A reminder that nothing lasts forever.

And though we desperately hold on to the beauty of long warm evenings, midnight strolls in the park, endless days, picking flowers, laying on grassy fields, autumn has its own special beauty and gifts to give.  All the brilliant colors, harvests, wheat fields, vegetables, fruit, the tart taste of chokecherries as we pick and eat.

Shorter days mean more time at home, for reading, writing, baking, hot tea by the fireplace, cuddling on the couch, building cocoons, stocking dens and nests for dark days to come.  And shorter days mean time for settling into routines, classes.  Yes, we need the gifts of Autumn too.  What a great time to join a meditation group.

Pinch of Spice:  Find a meditation group to join.  Or start a group using these exercises or following some book.  You can join us for free classes at Forest Heights Community Hall, 10150-80 St, Edmonton, every Wed at 7pm.

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…let’s all be flower children…

Lately I’ve been wearing flowers in my hair.  It feels like today is a renewal of the love-in era.  This song always made me feel like I wanted to be a part of this and it obviously called to many of us.  Let’s join the love-in today!  Let’s once again commit to ending the war zones in our own lives, in our own egos.  Let’s begin to notice whenever we have thoughts of anger, blame, annoyance, fear, worry, any thoughts that are not peace and let’s stop those thoughts dead in their tracks and realize that we are so much more than those thoughts.  We can choose peace instead of war.  Today let’s all be flower children.  And just to remind you that moment by moment you are choosing peace….

…be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

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Life passes us by
Unless we stop and pay attention
Do you feel like every once in a while you find yourself being sucked down into a deep pit of nothingness?  And you struggle and fight to get out cause you know that out there is where life is happening and you’ve been missing it.

And then days, maybe weeks, or months or years later you find yourself once again breathing, looking up and seeing the sky, and finding yourself struggling to get out. ..Get out of where?   What happened?  What is happening?  Where were you?  Where are you?  Stop… and pay attention!!
Breathe…  Live…   Be…

Pinch of Spice:  Today and every day this week (or till the next POS) stop and pay attention.  Do it right now.  What do you notice?  …sounds, sensations, thoughts, breathing…notice outer stuff, notice inner stuff.  Take a few minutes to just stop and pay attention.  Now notice how suddenly you feel alive.  Just be here now enjoying being alive.  Now take note of the time and decide to do this every hour on the hour.  This is one way to bring aliveness to your life.

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Baby striped skunk

Baby striped skunk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many years ago we loved going camping and more often than not, weekends would find us out in our tent in the trees somewhere.  We slept on mats on the floor…no fancy stuff for these hardy tenters.  Being in nature always renews and energizes.

One morning I woke at earliest dawn as it was just starting to get light outside and I lazily rolled over and opened my eyes.  Yikes!!! there right in front of my eyes, so close I was afraid a blink might scare him, was a black and white striped tail!!!  you guessed it!!  a skunk!!!  Help!! Panic!!  What to do?  If I moved a muscle I might regret it for the rest of my life… or at least for many weeks.  Screaming was definitely not an option.  My brain was on overdrive but my body was paralyzed.. barely even breathing. I suddenly realized that I was powerless in this situation.  Even though this little skunk was just a mere fraction of my size he definitely held the upper hand.  No amount of anything I could do would save me if Sir Skunk decided to pull a power trip.

So I just relaxed into the realization that he either does his thing or not and I can either just enjoy the moment or not.  Enjoyment seemed the better option.  Sir Skunk was such a beautiful little creature, and moved so gracefully about, almost elegantly, kind of like he knew he was royalty.  He sniffed around and after a few minutes he was at the doorway.  Oh please, Sir Skunk, you managed to get in so please find your way out.  The door flap was zipped shut so he must have somehow got under. Ooops, I had to move my head to be able to keep him in my eyesight.  No, here he was coming over toward me again.  Another close up view of a skunk tail.  That skunk tail is like the opposite of a white flag.  White means surrender, peace, but black and white stripes…this is like a warning flag signalling danger!!  Have you ever experienced the intensest fear at the same time as deepest relaxation?!  For five minutes which seemed like five hours I watched and alternated between paralytic panic and enormous enjoyment and actually it was more like both were there at the same time…and then there he was by the door and suddenly his tail just disappeared under the door flap and he was gone.

WOW!!!  What an experience!!  This was for a few minutes an experience of life lived!!  And that aliveness shaped the rest of my day and days to come.

Moral of the story: Enjoy the moment no matter what it brings.

Pinch of Spice:  This week just notice your automatic reaction to things and instead of acting upon that reaction just enjoy the moment, the experience and the reaction…and no you don’t need to find a skunk!!  Each day at the end of the day take a few minutes to review the day to recall any emotions, even slight ones and see how you can bring enjoyment to that experience.

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Loss Creates Space for Better


view from my back door


from my living room window

This morning I awoke with a hollow hurting kind of feeling in my heart…like the ending of a long relationship.  I couldn’t think of anything I’d lost…just…the houseboat?? Hahahaha.  Yes that must be it!  I’d even dreamed about the new owners driving it while I wandered the marina alone.

On Friday my sister had called to say they’re coming down tomorrow to pay for and sign the final papers for the boat.  Oh No!! This was really the end.  How sad!! “Don’t look at it as an ending,”  she said.  “Think of it as making space for something better to show up.”

Yes!  Of course!  How often do we choose to wallow in what’s over and wasn’t even real instead of being in the beauty of the reality of here and now.  Right now I choose to feel gratitude for all the beautiful times we had and let go of all the issues and problems and let go of the feeling of loss.  If something better shows up in my physical world that’s great but if not that’s great too because my heart is full… and that’s all I really want.

Pinch of Spice:  This week spend 15 minutes every day reviewing past losses that you haven’t let go of.  Allow feelings of loss to just pass through you knowing that once you let go then you are making space for something better to show up.  Find something to be grateful for about it and allow feelings of gratitude to fill your heart.  Then together we will fill the Earth with waves and waves of gratitude   and love for all of life.

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