"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.



Does your life feel like a daring adventure?  Because if not then Helen Keller says it’s nothing.   In other words if we are not living life as a daring adventure then we are not alive. Yikes!!!  That’s a rather sobering thought.  But well worth pondering.  Just because we are breathing and talking and doing stuff does that mean we are alive?

This blog is not about tips and how-to’s.  It’s not about more information but inspiration!!  We’ve done that all our lives and this is where it’s got us!  It’s not more food for the mind but it is spice for the soul!

This blog is here to provide some spice for the soul so we can all live into the beauty of all that life has to offer.  It’s here to explore how we can live each moment as a daring adventure, fully alive, so that when we come to the end of our lives we can say, “Yes!  I’ve lived my life to the hilt and enjoyed every moment.  I am ready to move into the next great adventure.”

You can expect:
…..discussions on the latest, newest ideas out there related to life, living and spirituality.

….not so much information for your already cluttered brain but energetic frequencies to take you right into the deepest areas of your soul.

….weekly (or once in a while) adventure ideas…not necessarily but maybe  jumping out of airplane ideas, but more like spiritual adventures… to make your life more alive and so much more fun! …a weekly Pinch of Spice….life changing, consciousness raising.  Some will be meditations, inner adventures, into the infinite, vast spaciousness of the Soul.  Some will be outer adventures, stepping out of the box of our limited ways of experiencing ourselves and our lives.  If you follow us wholeheartedly, not just reading but doing, your life will change…you will become who you were meant to be and who you already are but just don’t know.


I AM: 

Student of the Universe,

Enjoyer of Life,

Awakened Soul,

Receiver of Infinite Wisdom,

Practising Giver of All I Receive,

Teacher of Meditation & All I Know,

Lover of God and All of Life!

My awakening…….  A series of what I can only call awakening experiences about 40 years ago and then again about 25 years ago, threw me into deepest oceans of bliss.  So deep that it was years before I was able to find words to describe these experiences.  Now I have seen that there is an endless flow of energy and inspiration coming in.  My only job in life is doing that which I most love.  And that is giving.  Giving all that I receive.  Because when I don’t give then the flow stops coming in and that hurts.  This blog is one of my ways of giving.  And I can only be immensely grateful to you, for being willing to receive what I give.


What do you think??

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