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meditation is like bamboo….

on December 16, 2012


When you plant a certain type of bamboo seed you might wait a long time to see the result of your planting, but in the end it’s worth it.  It takes years before you see any sign of life, often four or five years.  You plant the seed and water it and you might expect that like with most seeds in a week or so you’ll see a baby plant, but you keep watering and waiting and you see nothing.  Soon a year has passed and then another year and you still keep waiting and watering.   You are determined because you know you’ll get a bamboo tree… you think.  Soon three years have passed and you still keep watering and waiting.  Four years… and then in year five suddenly a shoot appears above ground!   And then almost by magic that little shoot, in one season…in less than 2 months… will reach its full maturity of over 60 feet high.  It grows so fast you can almost watch it grow.  Magic!

Just because you do not see anything for so many years does this mean nothing is happening?  NO!!  Beneath the surface of the soil stuff is going on.   Every day, every month, every year roots are growing bigger, longer, stronger.  The bamboo plant is establishing its foundation.

If you feel like nothing is happening in your meditation or in your life…if you feel like you’re putting all this effort in and see no result… just remember this story of the bamboo.  Every meditation you do, every moment of awareness, every experience of beauty is growing your root system…establishing your foundation. None of it is ever lost or wasted.  And one day you will burst forth into the light and nothing will be the same again!  It’s inevitable!

Soul Spice for the Week:  This week in your meditation feel the truth of the bamboo story, knowing that no meditation is ever lost or in vain,  feel your roots growing and feel the beauty of bursting into the light, even if you just feel the light under the cover of the soil, experience it now.  And know that when you are ready, nothing can stop you!  Feel the reality of this now, not as something to look forward to in the future but something you can experience NOW!!


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