Autumn Leaves…let go, let go…

Autumn leaves…
Crunch, crunch beneath our feet…
Each falling leaf says let go, let go…
Every crunch says life is change, life is change…
Green leaves turn yellow…
And fall to the ground…
Crunch, crunch, crunch….
A reminder that nothing lasts forever.

And though we desperately hold on to the beauty of long warm evenings, midnight strolls in the park, endless days, picking flowers, laying on grassy fields, autumn has its own special beauty and gifts to give.  All the brilliant colors, harvests, wheat fields, vegetables, fruit, the tart taste of chokecherries as we pick and eat.

Shorter days mean more time at home, for reading, writing, baking, hot tea by the fireplace, cuddling on the couch, building cocoons, stocking dens and nests for dark days to come.  And shorter days mean time for settling into routines, classes.  Yes, we need the gifts of Autumn too.  What a great time to join a meditation group.

Pinch of Spice:  Find a meditation group to join.  Or start a group using these exercises or following some book.  You can join us for free classes at Forest Heights Community Hall, 10150-80 St, Edmonton, every Wed at 7pm.


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