Meditation…love conquers all!


We Focus our mind…

one point…

Om Shanti…     Om Shanti…

We sit, un-moving…

30 minutes…

Mind struggles to maintain its hold.

We persist…

Om Shanti…     Om Shanti…

Willing to give ourselves to the unknown.

Each time we let go of a thought and come back to focus we are saying, “I choose to make this more important.  Just for now that thought, that problem, I’m setting it aside, relegating it to a lower rung on the ladder.”
Om Shanti…    Om Shanti…

The beauty of stillness calls me deeper into its mystery. ..and soon even the dictator mind is won over.   Deepest Love is born here.   There is nothing left to resist the call of Love as we dive gloriously deeper and deeper down.

Love really does conquer all.

You cannot lose.  It’s impossible.  Just the very act of sitting in meditation is a message to all of life saying, “Love is my priority.  For this 30 minutes I give myself to Love.  For this 30 minutes I am willing to live in faith, trusting my problems over to Love.”

Yes, Love conquers… Yes Love wins.


1 thought on “Meditation…love conquers all!

  1. I love what you wrote. The unconditional love revolution is now! Keep up the great work :).

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