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…who wants war?…

on August 9, 2012

WOW!!  I love this video.  I love what this guy is doing and I love the response he’s getting.  How can we watch something like this and not feel a great hope for the human race… that there is so much good and so much love in the world that the good cannot help but overcome the greed.

Who wants war?  Who wants to see people suffer and in pain?  Gregg Braden says that human beings were not meant for war.  It’s not in our genetic makeup.  War is just a recent thing in the span of human civilization.  We think it is inevitable, we even think it is necessary.  But maybe we have been led to believe a lie.  When we talk to the average person in any war zone they mostly do not want to kill anyone.  Maybe war is perpetuated and even promoted because it is profitable.  Maybe it’s time to wake up and begin to see that we are so much more than we can ever have thought.  That we are all the same at the deepest part of our being.

Gregg Braden says the end of war will start as a grass roots movement…like this video….where one person reaches out and touches another and in so doing touches millions of lives. This video gives us hope that maybe love will win…and maybe the human race will survive.

This week in your meditations allow your peace to flow out to all human beings, all your enemies, all those you have issues with.  Feel how good it feels to shower them with peace.  Feel the truth that you do not really wish them any harm.  Feel the truth that when you are angry with someone it is your anger…it shows up as tension and stress in your body…and that this is not what you want.  Let there be peace on earth.

In Memory…Hiroshima…Aug 6, 1945.


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