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give peace a chance…

on August 1, 2012

All we are saying …Is give peace a chance
All we are saying …Is give peace a chance

WOW!!! Amazing video clip.  All week since starting Ringo Starr’s noon peace and love moment, I’ve been singing this song.  Then I happened upon this video and couldn’t help but share it here.

Make peace your number 1 priority.  If I asked you most of you would say that Yes, peace is definitely one of the most important things in your life.  But does your life show it?  How much time do we spend on not peace compared to how much time we spend on peace.  Take a few minutes now to look at your day and just note how much of your day was spent in busyness, rushing, and doing things that do not promote peace.  Now take note of how much time you spent in peace or promoting peace.  If peace is so important in your life why are you not taking time for it?

In the midst of your most pressing busyness, when time is crowding in on you,  when you’re beginning to feel a sense of panic that you won’t meet your deadlines…just STOP.  Take 10 minutes to just do nothing.  To keep your mind from rushing back to solve your problems focus on your breathing or read a favorite prayer or meditation to help you let go.  Just let yourself rest in nothingness.  What does this do?  It accesses your subconscious mind, your connection with Oneness, your God-self.  It’s a message to the Universe that peace is number one to you…that you are now, at least for this moment willing to give peace a chance.  Then watch how the whole Universe rushes in to help you in all you do and life becomes easy so you can live in even greater peace.

Try it now.  STOP now and at least once every day and give peace a chance.  When you do this it says, “I trust in the power of peace because even though I have all this other important stuff that needs to be done I am giving 10 minutes to peace.” Soon you will want to spend more and more time in peace as peace rewards you.

All we are saying…Is give peace a chance.

Namaste!!!  I bow to the Peace seeker in all of you.


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