..morning prayer/meditation

…this is my daily prayer, my daily meditation….

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
I let go of the past…all thoughts of doubt, limitation, fear, unworthiness, etc.  They are the fog of mind that lift in the light of the present moment.

Today I call upon all my guardians, guides, angelic realms, ascended masters, unseen helpers to fill me up with Divine Love, Peace, Joy and confidence and to guide me in living my purpose.  I feel the Truth of Divine wisdom and guidance flowing through every cell of my body.

Everything I want comes to me with ease.  As I let go of past I step out into the beauty and adventure of this moment.  I live today in perfection, abundance and ease.  I know I am loved beyond measure.

Pinch of Spice:  Every morning this week spend 10-20 minutes reading this prayer, one sentence, one phrase at a time and allow the energy of it’s truth to flow into your being and fill you up so you can call upon this energy throughout the day.


6 thoughts on “..morning prayer/meditation

  1. PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER July 12, 2012 — 10:21 am

    This is a really great prayer to live by. Thank you for sharing. May God’s peace and blessings be yours to enjoy this day.

  2. PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER July 12, 2012 — 10:23 am
  3. Thank you, Pastor Davis. Any day that begins with prayer and meditation is a good day. Many blessings to you too. I am honored to be read by you.

    1. PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER July 12, 2012 — 2:37 pm

      You are more than welcome and we are in total agreement of how we should begin each day.

  4. It’s a very beautiful prayer indeed. Thank you so much for sharing and many, many blessings to you..Robin

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