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venus in transit… venus eclipses the sun

on June 4, 2012

Don’t miss this rare solar phenomenon!!  Venus in transit!! It’s like a solar eclipse by Venus.  Tomorrow Venus can be seen passing right in front of the sun.  It won’t happen again in your lifetime!!  And be sure to make use of the energies that will be available at this time.

So many interesting things to learn!!!  And it would only make sense that eclipses and planets lining up and solar flares would all contribute to shifts in the energy on the planet.  There is tons of information available but here are a couple more interesting sites to check out.

On this site you can supposedly watch live web-casts from different locations.  Wow!!  Much better than trying to make some contraption or wrecking your eyes.

Pinch of Spice:  David Tresemer, on this site talks about the significance of Venus in transit and has a great exercise for us for our Pinch of Spice for this week.

In a relaxed and meditative place hold your hands in a bowl shape.  Imagine putting all the details of your life inside.  Then ask, “Why am I here?  What is my purpose here?”  Spend a few minutes in silence knowing that answers you need will be revealed within the next day or so.  Then rest for at least another fifteen minutes in silence, opening yourself to the energies on the planet at this time and  knowing that all you need is provided, always, and that all sorts of extra energies are available for you in this year of change.



2 responses to “venus in transit… venus eclipses the sun

  1. briefsketch says:

    A very inspiring entry. It’s a perfect time to be in silence and search our purpose. Thank you!

  2. Yes!! Perfect time to be in silence. It seems there is no time that is not a perfect time to be in silence. Thanks for your comment. Blessings!

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