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Oprah on meditation…in Fairfield…

on May 30, 2012

Now there’s one more place I’m adding to my list of absolutely-must-visit places and  maybe need to put on my list of must-move-to’s.  Yikes!!  Those lists are getting long.

Obviously I’m not up on the latest news and trends because this was on OWN way back in March and I didn’t even know about it till just recently I heard about Fairfield being a meditation town and when I googled it for more info I found Oprah.  Can’t wait to actually go there and check it out.

Pinch of spice for this week is guess what???  Meditation of course.  Every day for at least 20 minutes but preferably for two twenty minute sessions practice meditation.  Sit in an upright position, back straight, feet flat on the floor, hands in an open position.  Begin with a couple of long slow deep breaths, counting slowly in to the count of five and out slowly counting five.  Then choose a mantra to focus on… it could be OM SHANTI which is Sanskrit for I am peace.  Repeat the word silently in your mind, putting all your attention on it, and whenever you find thoughts have come just come back to repeating your mantra.  Do this for half an hour.  Notice how you become more and more peaceful as thoughts fall away.  Enjoy the peace and stillness.

Check out this link on Oprah.

Namaste all you beautiful souls.


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