Loss Creates Space for Better

view from my back door
from my living room window

This morning I awoke with a hollow hurting kind of feeling in my heart…like the ending of a long relationship.  I couldn’t think of anything I’d lost…just…the houseboat?? Hahahaha.  Yes that must be it!  I’d even dreamed about the new owners driving it while I wandered the marina alone.

On Friday my sister had called to say they’re coming down tomorrow to pay for and sign the final papers for the boat.  Oh No!! This was really the end.  How sad!! “Don’t look at it as an ending,”  she said.  “Think of it as making space for something better to show up.”

Yes!  Of course!  How often do we choose to wallow in what’s over and wasn’t even real instead of being in the beauty of the reality of here and now.  Right now I choose to feel gratitude for all the beautiful times we had and let go of all the issues and problems and let go of the feeling of loss.  If something better shows up in my physical world that’s great but if not that’s great too because my heart is full… and that’s all I really want.

Pinch of Spice:  This week spend 15 minutes every day reviewing past losses that you haven’t let go of.  Allow feelings of loss to just pass through you knowing that once you let go then you are making space for something better to show up.  Find something to be grateful for about it and allow feelings of gratitude to fill your heart.  Then together we will fill the Earth with waves and waves of gratitude   and love for all of life.


What do you think??

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