Pinch of Spice …Senior moments!!!

who's aging?
Is this a senior moment?

Aging, memory loss, etc. is no fun…or is it?

Whew! I’m back.  It took forever to get things set up here so this blog thing is working properly.  And then family stuff!  I just had a traumatic and yet beautiful and amazing couple weeks.  We just moved my oldest sister into a senior center …yikes!! she can’t be that old!! where meals are provided.  Even though she acts like a teenager and is more fun than anyone I know, we and she finally had to admit that she is aging and starting to have senior moments?? (like in the pic above) and she is actually over 80 years old.

A senior can change your life…

It is such a privilege to be with someone who is aging and going through all the pain and loneliness and fears that are associated with aging.  I am so blessed that I can be there to share that with my sister.  Few people know or can even begin to understand the traumas of life as one reaches the age where you realize that life and health are not a given and although each day becomes a gift it is also one more day of facing loneliness, lost dreams, forgetfulness, and aches and pains.  Senior – ness is not easy.  The more that I spend time with her the more I realize how much it’s enriching my life.  And as my life is enriched I hope I can pass that energy on to others.

Soul Spice adventure assignment for the week: Borrow a senior, change your life!! Find a senior or someone who is alone and aging, and doesn’t get out much.  Check your family, your community, or find a senior center nearby.  Set up a schedule of at least one or two visits a week for a couple hours each.  Ask questions, let them talk, just hang out.  I’ve never in my life felt more appreciated than when I spent time with a lonely senior. It will change your life!!  
Please share your progress and insights, or lack of… at the end of the week and on-goingly.  And follow this blog to get your weekly Pinch of Spice right to your email.  And most of all enjoy the adventure of life!


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