"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" …Helen Keller …Saving the world, one life-changing, consciousness raising, wonderful adventure at a time.

I’m flying!!

on March 19, 2012

What is it about the “I’m flying” scene from the Titanic movie that we all love? Yes, it was a magical moment of love.  But isn’t it so much more than that?  Maybe it’s because it brings us to aliveness…we feel it. As we watch that scene we feel like we are flying. We feel like we are alive…. alive like we’ve never been before. Standing there at the bow of the ship as it moves forward into unknown territory, feeling totally vulnerable.  Any moment, any wrong move and our life could be over….this is what aliveness feels like. Being right there at the very forefront of the ship, the frontmost of the frontmost of life, heading ever forward into newness, into the unknown, and creating life right there in the moment, not knowing but creating as we go. Life and death are both an option.  This is being fully alive in the moment. This is living life as a daring adventure! Wheeeee!!  Can you feel it? I’m flying! We are flying!!


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